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Elegant & Clean Design

To get the best user experience, your design should be simple yet elegant. Sometimes it can be hard to remove unnecessary features that just bloat your website and confuse your users.

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Website Platform

WordPress has become the standard website platform. Its flexibility allows your website to grow with your business. Because WordPress is open source and extremely popular, there are thousands of experts. This means your not locked into any one web designer or developer.

Beaver Builder

Page Builder

A Page Builder allows changes on the site, to be made in a flash. This is great, as a website is never a set and forget item, it should evolve with your business. Because editing the site is so easy, development time is also cut down, saving you money.

Mobile Friendly

All our websites have a responsive layout. Which means it dynamically changes depending on the screen size, so it will look great on any device. This is now a critical element as over half of the visitors to a website are using a mobile device.

Speedy & Light Weight

Most users only visit a website for a very short time. It has been proven that if your site loads slowly, many users will not wait around to see the results.

Secure Website

All our website are secured with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates and so it adds a https to your site. This gives your users more reason to trust your site. Having a secure website in now a ranking factor with Google and they have also recommended all websites have it.

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