Getting Started Online

There are many, many ways to be found online today. Some are more important that others, so I have come up with a list of the top 5 tasks all business owners should do to help increase their online visibility.


1. Register a Domain Name

Even if you don’t plan on setting up a website anytime soon, registering a domain name should be one of the first things a business does. They are cheap and it protects your business from some else registering that name.

A domain name is a friendly name to give to your website and email address. Examples would be:


The main purpose of a domain name is to point it to your website and give you an email address. So when you type in your domain name like “”, it will take you to your website.

You can also set up an email address, such as “[email protected]” or “[email protected]”.

When picking a domain name for your business, try to avoid the following:

  • Using acronyms – They are hard to remember and no one else knows what they mean.
  • Having a really long domain name – Keep it simple.
  • Hyphens – Although many domain names contain a hyphen, I think they look ugly are are hard for someone to remember.

There are many options when choosing a domain name registrar. I use Crazy Domains, they are very well priced and have a simple, easy to use interface. Simple pick you domain and purchase it. Don’t worry about the website and email yet, as that can be setup later.

May website design companies will register your domain.

2. Update & Verify “Google My Business”

Google My Business

Google is the powerhouse when it comes to Internet searches and I loves showing local businesses. Therefore ensuring your Google Business Listing is updated with your information is critical. Your Google Listing is the modern day yellow pages ad. There is a saying in marketing,  “be where the people are” and the people are on Google.

3. Create a Business Facebook Page


4. Use Canva to create Professional Images


5. Get a Website


Tim Millard

Web Developer and Local Business Marketer.

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