Is your website an expense or an asset?

Your mindset toward your website will determine the results you get from it. If you believe your website is an expense, a necessary cost of doing business. Then your website will give you just that and will not produce a return.

On the other hand, if you believe your website is an asset, an investment that continues to produce returns. The more you invest the more returns you get. You will be willing to spend time and money on your website. The more you put into your website the more it will give back.

But like any investment you need to spend your money wisely and invest in the right area. Just because you spend money on your website don’t mean you will get the results you’re after. It needs to be spent in the right way.

It’s not just about your website

Maybe you have the best website in the world but if no one visits it, you might as well not have a website. It’s a bit like creating a great looking billboard and putting it up in the desert. Sure you might get cheap rent but it’s not a worthwhile exercise.

A good website needs visitors and not just any visitors, it needs leads and potential customers. So don’t just invest in your website but invest in attracting the right type of visitors.  Invest in converting those visitors into customers and you will never feel like your website is not doing its job.

Adjusting your mindset

So by just adjusting your mindset to how you think about your website, you can dramatically improve the results you get from it.

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Tim Millard

Web Developer and Local Business Marketer.

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